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Silk Screening & Pad Printing

Silk Screening

We can add graphics or accent color to metal, plastic, glass, etc. Associated Finishing specializes in precisely tooled fixtures for close tolerance applications. We can provide finished screened parts or just the screens for companies with in-house printing capabilities.

Pad Printing

We can print finely detailed graphics on small or irregularly shaped parts. This process is suitable for both smooth and textured surfaces. Tooling is prepared in-house to ensure quality and rapid turnaround.

Artwork Requirements

When setting up new orders that require either silk-screening or pad printing, we frequently have trouble explaining exactly what is required for artwork to our customers. AFI has in-house silk-screen and plate exposure units. Artwork needs to be the exact graphics sized to fit on the part on a clear sheet of film. Any imperfections on this film will show up on the finished product. We prefer to receive the artwork in an email. While PDF formats are very popular, they can sometimes be difficult for our Graphic Designer to deal with. Adobe Illustrator files are the file format of choice, it allows the most flexibility for resizing and since it is vector based, text and lines tend to come out much "cleaner" not pixilated. Other popular file formats that will also work include: QuarkXPress, InDesign and Corel Draw. Please e-mail files to quotes@associatedfinishing.com and we will take care of the rest.